Basic information

Place of event, start and finish:
– Lednice-valtice highly protected area and surroundings
– carcamp Apollo (48.7855975N, 16.8265161E) show on map
– enter to carcamp – “point 1” show on map
– presentation of participants – “point 2” (registration office in restaurant) show on map
– start / finish – “point 3” (rear gate of camp) show on map

Routes and limitations:
Routes are very well marked with “colorful tourist marks”, and colours of marks are in map presented to participants on spot. It is also possible to use application “” as additional orientation. It is necessary to pass all check points of your route (including start and finish) and obtain their confirmation into the march card. At checkpoints will be prepared garbage bags. March will be implemented during “any weather conditions”!

It is strongly forbidden to:
– use other than official routes,
– pollute the environment around the route and make noise,
– making fires or smoking in the woods or throw away cigarette buds,
– approach mechanized logging of wood closer than 50 meters,
– approach timber loading points closer than 20 meters,
– participate with dogs without a leash and a muzzle.

It is strictly ordered!:
– while moving in the forests participant must caution, because there is an increased risk of falling branches and trees (as same as during previous events). While walking on motor routes wear “traffic reflective vest”.

General info:
Military uniform (BDU) is welcomed but not necessary. You may participate as a group and we would like to encourage the groups to carry flags and standards. Visible or illegal carriage of weapon is not allowed. Everyone is participating at their own risk. Organizing party does not provide any insurance. We recommend you to take your cell phone. It is forbidden to move other than walking or running. Participant agrees to procuration and publication of photographs from event to which he/she may be on. On routes there will be not posts of basic medical help, otherwise please call 112 for first aid medical help = international medical insurance is needed.

Equipment, records into MILARCH passport:
Obligatory equipment is traffic reflective vest or belt. It is possible to record into marching passport not only time and the number of kilometers completed, but also weight of the load carried in a backpack (making a record is not mandatory but voluntary). If you will not have record from starting checkpoint on your march card, please do not ask us to make final record into marching passport at registration office!

March card and map:
Every registered paying participant will receive march card and map after proof of identity by valid ID (state ID, passport, driving licence). To protect the cards and map we issue for free transparent bag. Damage of march card in such way that the data from start, passing checkpoints and finish are illegible, or failure to record the passage of any checkpoint leads to disqualification of participant. Disqualified participant will not receive awards.

Disqualification will follow for those participants, who:
– will not have all check points marked on their march card,
– will arrive to finish after 19:00 hrs or will not arrive at all,
– will be caught using other routes than marked – (intentionally or not intentionally),
– will use disallowed transportation such as bikes, vehicles, etc.,
– will not follow the terms and conditions, general rules (extremism, stealing, etc.).

Food and drinks in pubs along routes:
We do not guarantee possibility to pay in EUR.



Organizing party has the right to change these conditions at any time.